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How old are the pups when they go home?

Our puppies are released at eight weeks old. We normally release pups on the weekends - the weekend closest to the eight week old mark.

What's included when we pick up the puppy?

Our puppies go home with their first round of vaccines, several rounds of workings, a puppy blankie, a start of food, treat samples, and a lot of helpful reading information.

What is a double doodle?

A double doodle is a cross of a labrodoodle and goldendoodle. We bring together two multigenerational dogs to produce a healthier offspring. These dogs also have the gorgeous, non shedding coats.

Have more specific questions?

Contact John and Beth via email or call us 419-339-0228

What is the selection process?

Who better to choose your puppy than you and your family!  Sometimes your puppy will choose you.  You will be given a date that the litter will be released.  You will be given an appointment time that is convenient for you and for us.  Puppy choices are made according to the order of deposit received.  When you move forward to place your deposit, we will let you know what number in line you are.  We have a line for the female puppies and one for the males.  If you are first pick, we will schedule you and you will come to us and choose your puppy.  You will be able to observe the various temperaments, size of puppies, coat types, etc.  The pups will be 8 weeks old, which is an ideal time to make these observations.  Next in line, is the second pick, etc.
Once you place your deposit, nothing will change your place in line.

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